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  • 1989 First contact with programming stuff on the high school
  • 1994-1997 was studied mathematics in Germany-Heidelberg, where i learn the amasing programming-language Perl (created from Larry Wall for the nsa). After a while i start to work as a cgi-webmaster and perl-programmer.
  • since 2001, i am a full-stack programmer, some kind of a allrounder. My IT-Skills was growing, cause i have to adapt with the new requirements in the www-world ( Probably a never ending process ). I start to programming more in other languages like python, javascript-frameworks, more complex sql-queries, linux-web-administration-stuff, ....
  • since 2012: native android App-Programmer

  • Education

  • 1991: High-School-Degree
    mathematics and natural science
    trained assistent teacher
    ( Natural-Science-High-School )
  • 2004: B.Sc.( Comp.Science )
  • Continued IT-Skill-Updates until 2015:
    • 2011: certified Java6 Programmer
    • 2014: certified Java8 Programmer
    • 2015: certified native iOS-App and native Android-App-Programmer

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  • Programming Languages( Flat ):
    Python(2, 3), Php(5, 7), Java, MySql, Postgresql, Vanilla, JQuery, PhantomJs, Html/Css, Regular Expressions

  • Programming Languages (Frameworks):
    Symfony, Angular, Jdk(Android Apps), Panda

  • Webshops, Cms's, Web-Applications:
    Programming Themes and Templates, Programming Modules/Extensions, Migrations(Deployments, Upgrades), automated UI-Test-Scripts, finding/closing performance-lecks and so on.
    Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop

  • Programm-Code-Managment: Mercurial, Git, Eclipse, Android-Studio, Vim, Linux(Debian)
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  • 2017-Today: Html to theme-converter for Wordpress and Drupal ( python3 and php7, Regular Expression/PCRE )
  • 11.2016-12.2016: Examination-Tools for Webapplications ( python3, MySql )
  • 09.2016-11.2016: Csv-Data-Transfer to Woocommerce ( Python, MySql )
  • 07.2016-08.2016: automated user-test for a Magento2-webshop ( Javascript, Jquery, node, PhantomJs )
  • 04.2016-07.2016: Data-Extractor/Web-Crawler from a b2b-magento2-shop into an separate Database ( Python/Mechanize, Regular Expression, Javascript, JQuery, Postgres, Django, Threads )
  • 03.2016-04.2016: Big-Data-Migration-Modul for Prestashop, like Magmi for Magento1 ( Php5, MySql, Python/Threads )
  • 03.2016-05.2016: Android-App to login and managing data in prestashop, without using the webinterface and a password, some kind of ssh-ui (Java/Android)
  • .... for more send me a message


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